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Ethics, integrity & professionalism

Implementing an effective corporate ethics policy Logo cgma

  Tanya Barman & Samantha White |   Free |   AICPA & CIMA |   13 Jun 2014 |   CGMA Magazine

This article presents five steps that companies can take to ensure that their corporate ethics policy is effective and becomes embedded in the company culture. Also included are practical examples of the various ways organisations have accomplished this task.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Ethics, integrity & professionalism: Ethics, integrity & professionalism

4 Comments/Reflections

Yves Gendronneau

Yves Gendronneau Oct 2015

Basics about setting corp ethics policy

Stewart Boyle

Stewart Boyle May 2015

A good, concise and informative read. I am glad to see that the company I work for does cover most if not all of the requirements to be a good ethically compliant company. 

Nicholas Phiri

Nicholas Phiri Feb 2015

Jane Boyle

Jane Boyle Feb 2015

My organisation has an ethical statement/code of conduct/code of ethics which reflects my professional obligations.

I think there is some communication and monitoring (or communication of that monitoring) but it could be improved.