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About this topic

Managing and addressing the needs of your clients and firm requires a broad range of competencies. These learning resources are designed to help you understand the knowledge and skills necessary to support the management of and manage a firm practice.

Managing liability risk after a merger or acquisition

This article offers three lessons that will help CPA firms manage professional liability risks stemming from integration issues.

Article Mergers & acquisitions Intermediate

Value Pricing

Provides insight on the topic of replacing the billable hour with a fixed-pricing model, or model of “value pricing.”

Article Firm business models Foundational

Improve your business by working less

This article provides several strategies to help owners work less.

Article Firm operations Foundational

2016 CES Trends Point to Future Possibilities for CPAs

In this article, learn about top CES trends and the precursor products that CPAs could one day find in their offices.

Article Firm operations Foundational

Reconsider Social Media

This article gives some thoughts on why you would consider promoting social media usage in your firm and some basic steps you can take to get started right away.

Article Firm operations Foundational

Retiring the billable hour as a measure of performance

Measuring performance holistically can improve employee retention and job satisfaction.

Article Talent retention Foundational

Brand-building tips for small firms and sole practitioners

This article will give you tips on creating a brand that gets noticed.

Article Firm operations Foundational

The early CPA gets the return (done on time)

Take steps to lighten the stress of busy season and reduce the risk of professional liability claims.

Article Workload compression Foundational

How to admit new partners: A fresh approach

This article illustrates how the AAV method can bridge the gap between those seeking partnership admittance and those already holding ownership stakes.

Article Firm operations Foundational

Preparing for what’s next

Discusses how practice-continuation agreements can provide a smooth transition to a successor for a CPA practice.

Article Succession planning Foundational

Starting a women’s initiative

This article provides suggestions to help in starting a women’s initiative at your firm.

Article Human capital Foundational

The importance of gauging a client’s tone at the top

This article uses a series of examples to demonstrate why evaluating a client's tone at the top is important.

Article Firm operations Foundational