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About this topic

These learning resources are designed to help you - whether working in a business or firm - establish and maintain proficiency in the areas of information and data management and analysis; IT risk and assurance services, including service organization controls (SOC) reporting; and information security and privacy, including the growing issue of cybersecurity.

Trust Services Criteria

Established by the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee, this 2017 edition presents control criteria for use in attestation or consulting engagements to...

Publication Attestation Foundational

How CPAs can make the most of their tech resources

New technologies provide opportunity, but growing threats pose increased risk. What can CPAs do? In this article, accounting technology experts offer their advice.

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

Why the power of data is in the analysis

This article discusses four ways finance can help improve an organization’s approach to harnessing its data:

Article Financial analysis Foundational

Be vigilant about cybersecurity, warns former FBI agent

Chris Tarbell led FBI investigations that resulted in multiple high-profile cybercrime arrests. In this article, he shares his tips for cybersecurity.

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

Are You Required to be Cyber Compliant?

This blog post provides best practices for cybersecurity readiness.

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

SOC 2 Update

This archived webcast summarizes updates in the AICPA’s new guide: Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing...

Webcast Service organizations Foundational

5 steps CPAs can take to fight hackers

Learn how accountants play an essential role in helping organizations develop and implement strategies to protect computer networks and data.

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

4 Cybersecurity Pitfalls to Avoid

This blog post discusses how the CPA as a trusted business adviser can help their clients avoid common cybersecurity pitfalls.

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

Answers to 5 Common Cloud Questions for Not-for-Profits

This blog post discusses common questions related to cloud systems..

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

5 Cybersecurity Precautions for Small CPA Firms

This article describes basic precautions that can significantly reduce your risk and mitigate damage if you experience a cybersecurity incident.

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

Auditing in the Information Age

​In this archived webcast, we examine real life examples of how to transform the general ledger into an analytical tool and and more.

Webcast Continuous monitoring & governance Foundational

Building Assurance - How to Manage Privacy Risk In-House and Downstream

​This archived webcast will help you identify common, third-party privacy risks and provide an approach to mitigate those risks.

Webcast Information security & privacy Foundational